MAG-Sloan Flushing Systems and Valves have the features and proven performance to suit your needs. Sloan benefits include:

  • Stronger and more complete flush – and faster recovery
  • Immediately ready for repeat operation
  • Reliable performance each time
  • Water re-use applications
  • In Wall and In Ceiling Installations
  • Minimal maintenance needed – low maintenance costs
  • Accessibility of valve – in ceiling or plumbing duct
  • Works in a variety of low- and high-pressure environments
  • Works on both washdown and siphon jet fixtures
  • Flushing volumes – 6/3 Litre Standard
  • For new installations or retrofits
  • Can be paired with most toilet pans on the Australian market, as well as our range of Sloan Toilet Pans 

Also available are Sloan changeover flushers to retrofit to old models (i.e. Gloria, Hush, Unibra etc) – valves couple quickly and easily to the existing stop valve, making retrofit projects and refurbishments easier and more cost effective.

Choose from Dual and Single Flush Valves, concealed and exposed models (suitable for mains or tank pressure installation), hydraulic, manual and electronic models, diaphragm and piston options and a range of Standard and Designer wall panels and wall plates. WELS Rating: 3 Stars. License Number R001537.