We offer MAG-Sloan Dual and Single Flushing Systems and Valves – the proven range of concealed or exposed models for any application.

We also specialise in changeover flushers to retrofit to all old models (i.e. Gloria, Hush, Unibra etc). Our SLOAN changeover valves couple quickly and easily to the existing stop valve – so for retrofit projects, office and bathroom refurbishments, it’s never been easier to create a hygienic, hands-free experience.

  • Compact valve design
  • The same valve body for closet and urinal
  • Heavy duty brass and corrosion resistant
  • Concealed and exposed models
  • Suitable for mains or tank pressure installation
  • Manual and hands-free options
  • Touch Sense Buttons and Push plates
  • Electronic solenoid sensor (ESS) models with In Wall/Ceiling recessed infra-red sensor included
  • Urinal Sensor models
  • Interchangeable flushing volumes – 6/3 Litre Standard (optional 4.5/2.2L)
  • Delivers a complete flush and refill; immediately ready to repeat the operation
  • Requires little space and easy to install

Our MAG Sloan Flush Valves are also compatible with the Sloan Toilet Pans