Our MAG-Sloan floor mount, wall-hung and special needs Water Closets pair perfectly with our industry-leading Sloan Flush Valves

It’s more important than ever to match fixtures and flushometer performance as closely as possible due to high traffic volumes, the varying age of commercial buildings (and water supply systems) and decreasing flush volumes adding an extra challenge (ie, the “margin of error” is reduced).

In both retrofit and new construction applications, our Sloan flush valves, Sloan flushing systems and toilet fixtures offer outstanding performance and durability.

We also offer the Falcon Flax Waterless Urinal for commercial applications:

  • Improved hygiene and safety – with the touch-free operation
  • Reduced water and sewer costs – uses no water
  • No costly flush valve or sensor repairs – mechanical-free design
  • Minimal care and easy cleaning – smooth non-porous surfaces
  • Odour free and vandal resistant thanks to the patented, sealed locking cartridge
  • Economical and Environmentally friendly alternative
  • Stylish vitreous china bowl for durability
  • Easy to install in new or retrofit applications