Choose from 3 types of Trap Priming Systems: Pressure drop activated, Continuous flow and Electronic Trap Seal Primers.

The MAG-MIFAB Pressure drop activated trap primer (MRA500) offers these key benefits:

  • Activated with a pressure drop as little as 21 kPa
  • No air pre-charge required
  • Minimum line pressure of 140kPA-max 560kPa
  • Fully Serviceable
  • No adjustments required
  • Replaceable sediment filter and servicing
  • Inter-changeable cartridge tubes
  • Fourview holes (air gaps) for easy inspection of performance
  • Distribution Units available, serving up to 10 floor drain taps
  • WaterMark approved

The MIFAB TSP-2 Series Continuous flow primer discharges larger amounts of water when water pipes are larger and need a complete flow cycle through the pipes – a “continuous flow” instead of smaller drops of water.

MAG’s Electronic trap seal primers automatically maintain the water seal of floor drain traps and are available as a pre-assembled, programmed electronic system. Also available is our Hot Water Flushing System which automatically flushes hot water (or cold water) down waste pipes to prevent grease build up.