MAG specialises in a range of innovative, high quality Tapware for all applications – Swedish FM Mattsson, Electronic hands free tapware, Commercial...

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Flush Valve

MAG is a distributor of Sloan Flushing Systems, offering an extensive range of dual and single flush valves, concealed or exposed for any application....

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Flush Valves

Beeco Backflow Dual Valve

MAG is a distributor of the Beeco range of Backflow devices – Reduced Pressure Zone Devices (RPZD) and Double Check Valves (DCV), single and double...

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Backflow Prevention

Big Dipper Grease Trap

MAG is the Australian distributor of Thermaco Big Dipper® & EZKlear Grease Traps. A grease trap is something kitchen wastewater flows through be...

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Grease Traps

Inwall Tundish

MAG specialises in a range of Tundishes suitable for various applications – including washing machine hose discharge points for commercial appli...

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ST-2060-A Series

MAG has the Sloan range of Toilet Pans and the Falcon Flax waterless urinal for commercial applications. Sloan Toilet Pans are compatible with MAG S...

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Toilet Fixtures