Market-leading, Thermaco’s Big Dipper® Automatic Grease Removal units are compact, above ground, easy to install and a cost-effective alternative to large gravity grease traps while offering greater protection than traditional under-the-sink passive traps.

While the installed cost of a Big Dipper® is far less than a traditional grease trap, it is in the long run where the Big Dipper® provides even greater value. The Big Dipper® can be self-maintained easily in just a few minutes each day which means expensive, regular pumpout fees and disposal costs are not needed. This delivers long term savings and avoids significant costs.

With the latest Advanced Odour Protection features, compact footprint, 3 year warranty and user friendly Digital Controls, the Big Dipper® is the most well-known, respected name in grease separation today. Ideal for cafes, restaurants, take-away shops, fish & chip shops, bars, hotels, supermarkets, shopping centres, hospital and school cafeterias.