MAG is the exclusive distributor of market-leading FM Mattsson Pressure Balancing Thermostatic Mixing Valves (PBTMVs) – designed to deliver a safe, constant preset temperature from the incoming hot and cold water.

FM Mattsson TMVs are unique because they combine a “built-in” pressure balancing piston with thermostatic temperature balancing in the one patented control cartridge. This ensures constant temperature of +/- 1°C  no matter what happens in the pipework.

FM Mattsson TMVs have a long-standing feature of Thermal Flush – see video for legionella control, minimum flow rate as low as 1L per minute and allow a 5 degrees C temperature differential (to perform with all factory set 50°C water heaters such as the Stiebel Eltron 50deg HWS). The 5 degrees C temperature differential saves energy by not requiring water to be heated to 60 degrees and is ideal for mixed bathroom requirements in commercial property (50 degrees bathrooms and ambulant bathrooms).

See our Features and Benefits Overview to understand why FM Mattsson TMVs deliver exceptional safety and performance to other brands and generic TMVs.

Download our Product Range for the widest range of PBTMV solutions including pre-plumbed Australian made stainless steel boxes for concealed or exposed installation.

Ideal for single and multi outlet needs – for hospitals, nursing homes, special and aged care needs, child care centres, high-flow demand facilities and all installations requiring a constant temperature.